How our foods for fitness range evolved was almost by accident. In January 2011, after the birth of my 1st Daughter, my own fitness journey began as you need to be fit for kids these days and my interest into nutrition was sparked!


We opened our Malahide store in 2012. Our staff all had a keen interest in fitness and nutrition. This led to a lot on conversations around how we fueled ourselves for training and we all agreed that the preparation of the food at home took too long. There’s only so much chicken and broccoli you can eat!

We knew that burgers would be super easy to cook and we could load them up with our favourite seasonings, herbs & spices. In fact originally we only made them for ourselves, we didn’t think anyone would be interested in our chicken and turkey burgers!

Overtime customers instore with similar interests in fitness who also expressed that their own meal prep was taking too long. We started handing out free samples to these people and we were blown away by the response. This sparked further ideas for products as had a good understanding of what flavours and spices worked well together.


We launched our Foods For Fitness Range in May 2013 with a commitment that we would keep developing products to help people from getting bored of their diet.

Over time the word spread through both word-of-mouth and social media. We had people from all over Ireland driving to our stores in Dublin just to get our products!


People kept asking for us to deliver but we were hesitant as we knew the difficulties around selling online can be from previous experience but we said in Nov 2015 we would give it a trial month. We sold to capacity for the month! We knew we had to look at our processes to make sure we can handle the amount of orders we were forecasting. We officially launched our site on 28th December 2015.


Throughout 2016 we shipped over 10,000 boxes of handmade products to all 32 Counties of Ireland.

2017 and beyond

This year we’re on track to double our number of boxes. During 2016 we had several enquiries from people living in the UK about deliveries. Again, we were hesitant about this but we won't know until we try so we begin our delivery service to UK mainland on May 30th!